How To Be More Productive

I think that everyone asks this question at some point in their lives. It might be to tackle a certain project at work or at home, or it ...

How to be more productive sally may lewis blog

I think that everyone asks this question at some point in their lives. It might be to tackle a certain project at work or at home, or it might be more general than that, but everyone, at some point, could do with upping their productivity levels. Being productive usually comes in waves for me. One day I can wake up, feel totally on it, get into work early and tick everything off my list, and the next day I feel like I don't even know what's on my list anymore, never mind ticking them off...

A few months ago, I was having a bit of a hard time at work. There was a lot going on inside and outside of work and I had a lot on my plate, and although I had all the support I needed, it felt like I was in the middle of the ocean and was just about keeping my head above the water. I sat down with my manager, reeled off everything I was worried about and then had a little cry (hey, it's totally okay to have a little cry).

From there, I realized I definitely needed to re-prioritise things and spend less time stressing and more time doing. I tried and tested a few different ways of working, and found that these little things made me so much calmer, more productive and all in all, happier too!

Tip 1: Keep Your Workspace Tidy

I know I sound like your Mum right now, but seriously, keep it tidy. Take a look at your workspace and the space around you, and if there is anything there that you don't pick up and use daily, or doesn't inspire you or make you feel happy, find a new place for it! The more cluttered your space is, the more cluttered your mind will feel. It's also good to work in a space that is light and airy, and that's sole purpose is to be your workspace. (I type this as I'm lying in my bed...)

Tip 2: Plan Your Day & Make Lists

For me, this makes a HUGE difference to how productive I am. The night before, or first thing in the morning, I make a list of everything I need to do, even if that includes simple things like replying to emails. I even made these kind of lists to clear out all of the junk I don't need anymore, breaking things down into smaller projects. For example, I need to have a serious clear out in my bedroom, but instead of trying to tackle it all at once and ending up with that "I wish I never started this" feeling, I made lists for each section separately, so one weekend I'll clear out old clothes, the next weekend I'll go through my makeup, then maybe my nail varnishes. It just makes getting things done feel so much less daunting and you feel like you've really achieved something when you get to cross it off your list!

Tip 3: Make A Schedule (Sort Of)

how to be more productive sally may lewis blog

Once you have your list of things to get done, figure out when you're going to do them and how much time you have. If you know one project will take you around an hour to complete, block off that time in your diary, calendar or just write the time you're going to do it next to the project on your list. Giving yourself a realistic but kinda strict timescale will help you focus and get projects finished.

Tip 4: Get Rid Of Distractions

how to be more productive remove distractions sally may lewis blog

I can get distracted SO easily. I work in a busy office, where people pass through often, everyone is free to have conversations across desks and there is always music playing. Some people can block that out really easily and get on with it, but I am definitely not that person! I block out these distractions by putting my headphones in and listening to some chilled out music. I also turn my phone upside down and only check it every now and again because notifications distract me really easily too. Figure out what distracts you and find a way to block it out.

How to you make sure you're productive?

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