It's so weird how your opinions on things can drastically change in a few years, and how you slowly start to put the puzzle pieces toge...

It's so weird how your opinions on things can drastically change in a few years, and how you slowly start to put the puzzle pieces together to realise that actually, life's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Things that used to bother you or even be the most important thing in your life now just seem silly. Here's 10 things I wish I could tell my younger self, although, I probably wouldn't have listened...

1. It's not all about the boy.

It's ok to be in love, but don't put all your eggs into that one basket.
Chances are, if you're young, it might not last. Don't ditch your friends to spend every night with a boy. He might be perfect, but things change and so do people, you'll need those friends, and they're gonna need you too. 

2. School, College and Uni aren't the be all and end all of your career.

Just because you got a bad grade at GCSE doesn't mean you're not going to get into college, therefore not going to get into Uni, therefore not going to get a good job. Life doesn't work like that. Also, Uni isn't for everyone, and if you don't really want to go, that's totally okay! 

3. If you have a spot, don't smother it in make-up!

Piling make-up onto that spot is not only going to make the spot worse, but also draw even more attention to it. Dab a tiny bit of toothpaste on the spot before you go to bed, it will be much calmer looking in the morning! 

4. Cheap fake tan is exactly that... cheap.

Don't go buying that super cheap fake tan that smells awful. You will be smelling it for days and it doesn't make you look tanned, it makes you look dirty. Not to mention the moment it starts to rain when you're walking to the club, or when some drunk guy spills his drink on you by accident. Nobody needs to deal with that much panic in one night. 

5. Don't go out drinking unless you have eaten.

Okay, so someone else definitely told me this, in fact, a lot of people told me this, but when you're in a rush and not really hungry you think you'll be fine. You won't. You'll be that girl asleep with her head on the table at a club, the girl outside sat on the floor trying to call her friends whilst crying, or the girl whose legs completely stopped working who is now lying on the floor near the bar. Neither of those girls are looking great. 
Just have some food before you drink. 

6. Blend

One word. So important. There is nothing worse than that line around your face. Just take an extra 2 minutes to blend, Trust me, you'll be thankful. 

7. Your Mum can help anything

Whatever it is you're going through, chances are your Mum has been through it. Boy drama, girl drama, interviews, PMS, heartbreak, love, arguments, exams, you name it, she'll have been there and she'll be able to tell you how she made it through. 

8.  What you eat and drink actually does affect your body.

We're not just talking the size of your body either. We're talking your skin tone, complexion, energy levels, concentration levels, hair, nails, eyes, mind set. Everything. That's not to say that the odd bit of junk food is bad, but eating good foods and drinking plenty of water will make such a difference to how you feel as well as look! 

9. You can't change history.

Whatever it is that has happened that you want to erase from your memory, it isn't possible. If you hurt someone, they aren't going to just forget. If you've been hurt, you won't just get over it. Moments like that are what build you as a person and help you learn to deal with things later in life. Having thicker skin and confidence doesn't come naturally to everyone (it certainly doesn't to me) but life throws these little challenges your way to teach to to deal with them. You have to learn to stand on your own two feet. 

10. Nobody really knows what they're doing.

Nobody has a real plan, and if they do, chances are life just won't pan out that way. Don't feel bad if you don't have your shit together. Things always turn out right in the end, you just have to wing it, trust your instincts and enjoy!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

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